The advanced solution for analyzing, optimizing and reporting your energy measurements. 

Energy management

Do you know exactly how much time and energy you could save if all the lights in your office would switch off automatically outside office hours? Are your cooling and heating systems working properly? Are your employees conscious about the use and possible waste of energy? Do you have a view on the effective yield of your solar panels? Using energy more efficiently requires first and foremost a clear understanding of the energy consumption. How much energy is used when and where? And why?

Measuring is knowing

And the more detailed the measuring happens, the better the insight you will gain in your energy consumption. The fifthplay EnergySmart solution accurately measures the total energy consumption in a building, based on 15 minutes intervals. Via the fifthplay gateway all data are transmitted, wired or wirelessly, to the fifthplay platform. But to be able to get a clear understanding of the recorded data, all results need to be processed in a structured way. They must be made comprehensible, visual and understandable. And this is exactly what fifthplay EMS does.


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