Use Case

Itho Daalderop.

About Itho Daalderop

A comfortable and healthy indoor climate is becoming more and more important. People are increasingly focusing on air quality and demanding energy-efficient installations that enable them to control their level of comfort and expenditure. The Itho Daalderop spIDer offers the perfect solution.

It enables customers to create their own optimum ‘indoor climate’ and is user-friendly, e cient and easy to adjust.

Itho Daalderop in the Netherlands develops, manufactures and sells heating, tap water, ventilation and control technology solutions. Itho Daalderop went in search of a partner for the development of the spIDer, which is destined to become a future-proof modular system for home applications. This would enable the companyto offer new services to residential customers.

The Challenge

  • To collate residential consumption data.
  • To link a ventilation thermostat to a gateway.
  • To control the thermostat via user interfaces & mobile apps.
  • To communicate via the Honeywell Ram 6.2 protocol.




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