Use Case

Smart Electric Lyon.

About Smart Electric Lyon

Smart Electric Lyon, a prestigious 4-year experimental project, would like to o er consumers smart devices and services that automatically adjust the individual energy usage, leading to increased comfort and lower consumption.

The Challenge

  • To inform customers of their energy usage
  • To offer customers an individual rate, customized to their speci c consumption
  • To offer customers smart, connected devices

The objectives

In order to ensure the safety of the power grid, it is essential that the amount produced is also consumed. Fifthplay Dombox concentrates on the interaction between the home and the grid operator, enabling demand response. In the case of an impending blackout due to a grid overload, ERDF can take action by switching off or turning down the relevant electrical home heating systems. Because the grid operator can monitor the consumption, it is possible to intervene with regard to consumption, when required. Result: the grid is always carefully balanced.




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